Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

ETT 005 - Vånna Inget - Jag Ska Fly Tills Jag Hittar Hem 7" EP

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Vånna Inget is punk with pop melodies and melodic vocals. The inspiration for the album is a jumble of Tant Strul, Pink Champagne, The Go-Go's, old Uggla, Håkan Hellström and Marked Men.

The album "Allvar" is filled with musical spontaneity without studio work with to much choirs and guitars and the new EP will be hold this level. It should sound so sad and vivid as possible. The album was recorded in guitarist Tommy Tift (Sista Sekunden) studio by the band themselves, the EP too. I told you that the new EP is the same level, maybe a little bit more sad and vivid and also amazing!

Everyone in the band come from small places around Småland, Sweden and the country rather than the town that inspired the band to this EP. But everybody in the band has now moved to the big cities, away from the small town small mind syndrome.

Singer Karolina Engdahl sings with a passion of a rare luxury, anxiety squirts out of her jaw. Bass player Johan Ottosson laid his bass with depth and with drummer Andréas Almqvist and Tifts guitar; they receive a carpet of beautiful noise.

Band members play in or have played in such great bands like Sista Sekunden, A Good Deed, The Confession, Speakeasy, Civilisationen, The Part Timers and Morsans Gula Blend.

The band has a sound that Swedish bands like Masshysteri, Knugen Faller, Baboon Show, Invasionen, etc. has conveyed the last ten years. Bands that have given punk a little more melodic vein. Vånna Inget have turned down the distortion and added some more minor chords and vocal harmonies but the intensity, anxiety and the energy is there anyway. Sort of like new wave that came after punk explosion in 1977.

Line up:
Karolina Engdahl - Vocals
Tommy Tift - Guitar
Johan Ottosson - Bass
Andréas Almqvist – Drums

After a great debut LP Vånna Inget are back with a 4 Song EP. The promotion text for the 1st release sounds like this:

To our humble ears, the alloy of Scandinavian melancholy and perfect melodies somehow always seems to work whenever we put on Swedish bands like the BOMBETTES, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, VICIOUS or INVASIONEN. But never has a comparable sound emulgated into what awaits to be discovered inside the blurry cover of this record. The unlocked potential of the small-town blues of Småland and the ardent post-teenage angst bundled in 10 songs that slowly burn a hole into a gray and bland surface. Singer Karolina's crystal clear and intense voice covers a tight texture of melodies that brachiate from hookline to hookline, somehow comparable to the early 80s Californian Punk of THE AVENGERS that meets the more New Wave sound of Swedish Feminist-Agit Punk bands TANT STRUL and PINK CHAMPAGNE. The three slower songs on this LP perfectly fit inside the steady mid-tempo and increase the feeling sadness and anxiety expressed im- and explicitely. A piercing ray of sunlight on a cold autumn day.
This LP has all the hallmarks of being a killer instant classic!!!

So we will see what their EP will bring!

1st Press:

1035 are made

85 Clear Vinyl ( ETT Version )
103 White Vinyl ( P. Trash )
258 Black Vinyl - sold out!
150 Turquoise Vinyl ( Jaguar Trust )
103 Purple Vinyl ( Heptown Records )
336 Yellow Vinyl ( Chaos Rurale Records + Band Edition )
5 Testpress ( Different Artwork )

2nd Press:

300 are made

300 Black Vinyl

Und ein Review im Plastic Bomb sagt:

Hah ! Hinter dem unscheinbaren Cover und dem Namen VANNA INGET steckt eine fantastische neue Band, die Erinnerungen an MASSHYSTERI, KNUGEN FALLER und die BABOON SHOW wach werden lässt. Die Sängerin hat eine tolle Stimme und die Songs strömen wunderbare Melodien sowie eine Herz erweichende Melancholie aus. Hinzu kommt die wunderbare schwedische Sprache. All das berührt mich, begeistert mich, spielt sich innerhalb von Sekunden in mein Herz. Hier gewinnt nicht der Schnellste, Lauteste, Härteste, sondern der Einklang von Melodie und Melancholie. Das ist Punk mit Herz, mit einem Sinn für Harmonien und Schönheit. Die Bandmitglieder kommen alle vom Land, aus Kleinstädten und nicht aus den größeren Metropolen, was man den Songs auch anhört. Denn hier hat man alle Zeit der Welt. Es ist nichts zu spüren von der Schnellebigkeit einer sich immer rasanter drehenden Welt. Highlights sind für mich die Songs "tickande bomb" und "alla andra dagar". Tolle Platte ! Micha