Montag, 4. November 2013

ETT 016 - Savageheads - Demo Tape

Sold out!!!

Savageheads, Boston, Uk 82, Pogo, Punk, Partisans, No Future, Got it?!

100 are made ( Europe Version all on clear Tapes )

You like the Partisans!? Yes?! ok, you will love this Demo!!!!!

Savageheads offer up one hell of a four song demo. Most descriptions you'll find online compare them to UK82 bands and this will make sense as soon as you hear it. Great new UK-82 inspired demo from these Boston boys. Members of just about every band in Boston ever, this is a fantastic debut with tons of promise. Warmly recorded, well written, and expertly executed. Highly recommended!

Nothing more to say! Punk my Friends, Got it?! If not, Fuck Off!!!!!