Dienstag, 18. März 2014

ETT - 019 – Cold Circuits – s​/​t 12“

Out Now!

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200 Copies - 200 on Black Vinyl

The Bay Area is one of the most interesting places for punk these days – one of the most outstanding bands from there are the Cold Circuits! Shattered guitar sound, mutated post punk basslines creating a danceable despair with bratty darkwave vocals, this is so punk! No garage, no post punk, no deathrock or whatever…

The icy, anxiety-ridden post punk is replaced by salivating droning punk. Less twitching, more pogoing, but still ravaged by the mounting dissolution and paranoia. A fucking great rhythm section (well known from Synthetic ID) rounds this whole thing down. Cold and bleak with sporadic tinges of fear. If you are a fan of Terrible Feelings and also Rank//Xerox, Cold Circuits will be your new obsession! Keep your eyes open – the 12“ will be limited to 200 copies!