Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

ETT - 029 - Nancy - (Get The) REVVUP 7"

Out Now!!!



If you’re looking for a good time, NANCY is your salvation. These New York punk prophets have that uncanny ability to craft songs like desert-born incantations: packed with scorching hot riffs so catchy that they’ll possess you to do unspeakable things (or at least dance a lot).

With simply two songs, this 7" will get the party going at your pad. A lot of people have compared them to the RAMONES which is lazy, but also totally true. Both nancy boys contribute their great voices to the microphone, so get ready for ultimate melody.

This debut 7" is soaked in sticky-sweet vocals, galloping stints of foot-stomping beats, and those irresistible, glistening punk rawk hooks. Now I know what you’re thinking: “hooks” means “trite”. WRONG – check out those loopy, gnarly key changes in the middle of the title track. And that’s really the best thing about this no-bullshit crew: the tunes are familiar enough to get you raucous and weird enough to keep you interested. “(Why Am I) Crying?” has all that in spades. Twistable grooves? Check. Ear-searing guitar tone? Of course. Croon factor? A resounding 10.

If you've been looking for a new song to hum at your shit job, it'll take no time to get hooked on these kickers. There’s no excuse for ignoring this band.


Fr. 20.03.2015 Wiesbaden
Sa. 21.03.2015 Houthalen - Crossbone Fest
So. 22.03.2015 Rotterdam - V11
Mo. 23.03.2015 Paris - La Mecanique Ondulatoire
Di. 24.03.2015 Grenoble
Mi. 25.03.2015 Tübingen - Epplehaus
Do. 26.03.2015 Munich
Fr. 27.03.2015 Kreuzlingen - Klub Horst
Sa. 28.03.2015 Milan - Ligera
So. 29.03.2015 Zagreb - Attack
Mo. 30.03.2015 Budapest
Di. 31.04.2015 Vienna
Mi. 01.04.2015 Brno
Do. 02.04.2015 Warsaw
Fr. 03.04.2015 Leipzig - Zoro
Sa. 04.04.2015 Berlin - Bei Ruth (Daniil)
So. 05.04.2015 Kiel - Just A Little Bit Dangerous Fest
Mo. 06.04.2015 Gothenburg
Di. 07.04.2015 Stockholm - Estniska Foreningen
Mi. 08.04.2015 Oslo
Do. 09.04.2015 Aalborg - 1000 Fryd
Fr. 10.04.2015 Copenhagen - Dödsmaskinen
Sa. 11.04.2015 Rheine - Trinkhalle

Not hyped enough? Daniel from Sorry State record says:

Debut single from this NYC band who had a killer demo a while back. The only bad thing I can say about this record is that it's almost painfully short... Nancy sound like a slightly poppier version of the Spits... the guitars are big, simple, and Ramones-influenced, and the vocals have the kind of nasal sound of early Europunk bands like Lost Kids or Ivy Green. Like the Spits, they're also about concision, so only two songs leaves me really, REALLY wanting more... if you like garage-punk whose guitars have balls while the vocals satisfy your pop sweet tooth this is bound to be a favorite.